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Typical spender

My spending will be pretty similar to the average person.

Heavy traveler

I'll use the card mostly for travel-related purchases.

First-year bonus chaser

I'm just looking for the best signup bonus.

Ongoing deal chaser

I'll spend extra time using shopping portals that'd maximize my savings.

Business owner

I'll use the card mostly for business purposes.


I spend more than the average person on dining, clothing, and entertainment.


I'll spend more than the average person on groceries, home supplies, etc.

Essentials spender

I'll mostly only be buying the essentials (gas, groceries, etc.)


I usually don't pay off my full balance, and/or I'll transfer a balance.

Credit newbie

I'm just starting out, or am trying to rebuild my credit.

Credit Score

Which of these features do you want to include in each credit card's value per year?

How much will you spend per month?

  • $Total per month

    • $on Shopping

      • $on Online-only merchants (e.g.,

      • $on Department stores and wholesale clubs

      • $on Other shopping (e.g., clothing stores, furniture stores, etc.)

    • $on Food & dining

      • $on Groceries

      • $on Restaurants

    • $on Gas

    • $on Travel

      • $on Air travel

      • $on Hotels

      • $on Rental car

      • $on Transit (e.g., Uber, Lyft, taxis, buses, trains, parking)

    • $on Bills & misc.

      • $on Entertainment (incl. movies & events)

      • $on Health & fitness (incl. drugstores & pharmacies, healthcare)

      • $on Bills & utilities

      • $on Everything else

General Questions

How many years will you use this card?

What % of your balance do you plan on paying each month?

Other General Questions

  • Average amount spent abroad per year

    • Amount ($) planning to transfer

    • Expected # of months it'll take to pay off

    • # months from now when balance transfer will occur

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